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NOMA Engineering & Construction was founded as a small civil engineering firm in 2015.  Since then it has grown to be a full fledged design-build firm that offers a suite of services for both commercial and residential properties.  We have taken religious centers, warehouses, and multi-level buildings from a flat piece of land to concept, design, city/county approval, and build.  In addition, multiple restaurants and office spaces have been built out by our dedicated construction team. 
Today, NOMA is dedicated to growing and experiencing new challenges in construction as well as continuing to work with our current clients as we help them build their dream project and establish their futures starting with us.


All designs will be produced by a registered Professional Engineer in the corresponding state. All designs will be sealed and signed and approved for construction upon approval from the governing entities.

Civil Engineering

NOMA Engineering & Construction will coordinate with Owners to design and get approved an acceptable site plan. This will include but not limited to:
  • Dimension Control Plans that will be based on approved site plans and calculations necessary for the survey work to be performed for construction.
  • Grading Plans showing elevations in open areas, floor elevations, spot elevations pertinent to drives and parking areas.
  • Paving Designs developed in conjunction with geotech reports.
  • Storm Drainage Designs which includes area drainage maps to prevent flooding on site.
  • Utility Plans that serve the building/structure which includes water, fire protection systems, sanitary sewers, and private storm drains.
  • ALL plans and designs will obtain approvals from the city, county, state and all related governing bodies.

Structural Engineering

NOMA Engineering & Construction has extensive experience in structural design and buildings throughout the city of Houston and the state of Texas. Owners have been please to renovate existing buildings, add structures to existing buildings, or create a new structure from the ground up using our knowledge and skill. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Foundation Design: to the latest code requirements that will serve the structure. Including type of cement, concentration of concrete, and proper pier dimensions.
  • Steel Design: with mill report to ensure proper specifications.
  • Building Design: which can include small office, warehouse, skyscraper, homes, restaurants, shops and shopping centers. Windows, walls, garage doors are also designed.

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